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Locate Parking Quickly and Easily

Locate Parking Quickly and Easily
Parking is becoming an increasingly difficult task with each passing year. More people and more automobiles are crowding American cities than ever before, making both short and long-term parking competitive and expensive. Monthly parking in New York City is closing in on $1,000 in sections of Manhattan and some cities, such as Boston and San Francisco are not far behind. Parking garages and parking lots are filling up as city governments scramble to build new parking structures with limited space and resources, all the while trying to balance commuters’ needs against environmental concerns.

A New Solution
Despite these complicated issues, there are still simple solutions to parking. ParkingSpotter is one of those solutions. Making use of available spaces, owners of parking spaces advertise their vacant spaces on ParkingSpotter at no charge. Those seeking parking can then browse through postings near their address to find the location, price, and space that best meets their needs. Or if nothing catches their eye, parking seekers can sign-up for notifications when relevant spaces become available. With an easy-to-use interface and streamlined posting process, finding and selling parking could not be faster or simpler.

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A New Solution

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You’ll find parking in all sorts of locations on ParkingSpotter. We have listings throughout the United States; from parking in Washington D.C., to parking in San Francisco, you can find listings on both coasts and everywhere in-between. Spaces are in private driveways, open lots, covered garages, and in many other configurations, so you can select a design that you are comfortable with.

Owners range from “mom and pop” sellers with a little extra room in the driveway, to large corporations that can offer a range of services and security with your parking spot. The length of time of the rental agreement also ranges. However, in general, most of our posts are ideal for long-term parking. So if you have located your ideal house or apartment in the city but can’t find the space or a resident parking permit for your car, you may be able to rent a monthly parking space nearby. Using ParkingSpotter, you can live where you want to and not compete against the rest of the city commuters for parking.