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The Challenge
Finding a parking spot in the city these days may be one of the most challenging aspects of living in the city. If you have a car in the Big Apple and have experienced NYC parking or are living in Chi-town and have experience parking in Chicago, you know about all of the drawbacks of being a car owner. Parallel parking in the city, you are likely to find yourself boxed in regularly. You can expect to walk out to your car each morning and be greeted by a new door ding or scratch on your bumper. The fact of the matter is, city drivers can be less considerate in congested conditions. Protect your car and relieve stress by finding a monthly parking spot.

The Right Parking Spot
Using ParkingSpotter, you can find a parking spot that meets your needs. Find a spot in a nearby parking lot or parking garage and you can forget about shoveling out a space for your car in the winter. The owners maintain most lots, and it is in their interest to ensure that their properties are well plowed and in good shape. Parking garages add even greater security with gated entrances and personnel at some locations. And they protect your car from the weather, keeping the sun from beating in during the summer and keeping the snow off it in the winter.

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A New Solution

Tired of Laps Around the Neighborhood?
Circling the neighborhood looking for parking for 30 minutes in rush-hour traffic is not the way most people want to end their workday. You may have never considered renting or purchasing a parking spot before, but being assured a parking spot when you return home from work can make your daily commute a little more enjoyable. Type in your address and ParkingSpotter will help locate available parking in your area. You can view the location on a map, see a seller’s asking price, and find out if a parking spot is covered or not.

The Price is Right
Since ParkingSpotter lets sellers post their own price for their own parking spot free-of-charge, you can be assured that you are getting the most competitive price. Our automated posting system for sellers ensures that all lot and garage owners compete on a level playing field free of company bias. This competition benefits you—the consumer.