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In search of long-term parking? Find parking lots near your home that offer monthly parking agreements using ParkingSpotter. You’ll be able to find parking lots closest to where you live and at competitive prices using our simple, yet powerful, web site. Parking lot managers advertise their open parking spots alongside local residents, making ParkingSpotter a competitive and resourceful location for your parking needs.

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As cities in the U.S. are becoming increasingly more populated, housing is not the only shortage would-be residents face. Apartments and houses offering parking in New York City and parking in Portland can be equally difficult to find these days. By looking for parking garages and parking lots nearby, you can broaden the scope of your housing search and save money by stepping out of the competitive housing market for homes with parking. With ParkingSpotter, your parking needs don’t have to dictate where you live.

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Moreover, even if you are lucky enough to gain a resident parking permit, parking on a city street can be a risky proposition. Less considerate drivers aren’t reluctant to box cars in if it means they can get a parking spot. And when the snow falls, you also have to worry about shoveling out a spot that might not be yours when you return home for the day. Or worse, you could find your car beneath a generous pile of snow, deposited by a snowplow. With spaces in parking lots, you can put those fears to rest. Lot owners maintain parking lots to ensure that cars can make use of their service; renters of spaces leave work each morning assured that when they return, their spot will be there when they return.

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So if you are ready to beat the crowds and make your daily commute just a little less unnerving, start your parking search by simply entering your address. Even if ParkingSpotter doesn’t have exactly the space you’re looking for yet, our database of available parking is growing quickly; provide us with your email address, and we’ll send you a notification when parking becomes available in your area.