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There are quite a few unwritten laws when it comes to parking. For example, if you live in Boston and are unfortunate enough to be parked curbside after a Nor’easter has swept through and dropped a foot of snow on your car, you know that shoveling out is quite a task if it is possible at all. People sometimes spend hours getting their car to a stage where it can pull out of its snow-packed space; this is why, when they return from work, they want that hard-earned spot to be there. Boston parkers frequently leave bright orange cones or chairs in spots that they have shoveled out to denote that they expect to park there when they return. Unfortunately, for both visitors to the Boston area and Bostonians themselves, this demarcation isn’t always that clear, and a shoveled parking spot can be taken pretty quickly in the winter months.

Parking in Boston isn’t the only area that has unwritten rules when is comes to parking, as anyone parking in New York City or parking in San Francisco knows. And so long as so many “rules” of parking are unknown, people will always experience frustration when trying to park their cars in the city. That is why, for many people, it simply makes more sense to find a reasonably priced parking lot nearby and keep their car there. With a parking lot, car owners don’t have to worry about losing their spot to others. Snow removal for many parking lots is better than a city’s transportation department can offer, so you will spend less time getting out from the snow when you keep your car in a parking lot. A parking lot near your home may also offer security features that surpass your street side spot; gates and security guards frequently make vandalism and theft less of an issue for cars in lots.

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If you are curious as to whether or not a parking lot near you has available parking, use to find what parking arrangements are available near your home. In addition to lots, you will also find parking garages and personal listings offering parking spaces for rent. You could find a parking garage and rid yourself of any snow-related hassles or security concerns completely. Or find parking opportunities that others reliant on large parking companies have missed out on. You could find a cheaper deal than you expected or a location closer to your home than you knew existed.