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Securing a Spot in the Nation's Capital

The nation’s capital contains some of the most visited landmarks in the world. The Washington Monument, the White House, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and the Smithsonian Institution all attract visitors from around the world. While this may serve the city in a multitude of ways, it hurts local residents in one important area—parking. Parking in Washington D.C. can be something of a nightmare on weekdays when the nations bureaucrats and tourist buses are cramming the curbside. Using ParkingSpotter, you can find local parking garages and parking lots in your area to provide you with parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parking in Washington D.C. can be tricky. Even the residential parking areas are not entirely reserved for residents; non-residents can park for up to 2 hours in “resident only” parking. After a long day at work, what resident wants to waste time waiting for a non-resident to pull out of a parking spot? If your apartment or house does not provide you with parking, check out ParkingSpotter’s listings.

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Making the Process and Easy One

Finding parking in Washington D.C. could not get easier. Simply type in your home address and ParkingSpotter will bring up all local parking options in your area. Our database of lots and garages is always expanding as more and more parking owners discover how quick and easy it is to sell their parking spaces with us. Our website offers an efficient system for buying and selling parking in Washington D.C., along with maps showing locations, and a standard format for all postings for easy comparison shopping.

Moving your car into a parking garage or parking lot also protects your vehicle. As crazy as it may sound, getting your car out of the elements will increase its value when you try to resell it; preventing rust and deterioration from acid rain and harsh weather conditions could end up saving you thousands. Vehicles in lots with attendants are also less likely to get broken into. Lots and garages are often gated and equipped with video surveillance for increased security when parking in Washington D.C.