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Stockton, California is a unique city, with the largest inland seaport in California. With its fertile land, numerous waters – “1,000 waterways” – and nearness to both San Francisco and Sacramento, Stockton is a great place to live. The waterways offer boating, fishing, camping, water-skiing, windsurfing, swimming, waterside dining and of course, a beautiful climate.

No wonder so many people choose to make Stockton their home. In fact, the city has experienced a major population growth in the last decade. Stockton is now the fourth largest inland city in California and attracts residents from the Bay area seeking a more affordable place to live. As with any population increase in an urban environment, parking becomes noticeably more difficult. Living in Stockton is great, but parking in Stocking is not; in fact, it’s about as difficult as parking in Los Angeles or parking in San Francisco.

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Parking in Stockton can be a stressful situation: parking lots and spots are limited, and those with cars must navigate this reality each day. If you are like most residents, your housing does not include parking options. Rent is typically much higher when including parking, and many choice apartments in desirable locations do not come with spots. Residents with cars shouldn’t settle for second best, selecting homes far from their ideal location – a long commute from work, or in an unappealing neighborhood – merely because a parking spot is included. Or selecting a home in the right location but paying for each month with enormous rent merely because of the included parking spot. Don’t let the issue of parking in Stockton dictate where you live.

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