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Hundreds of years ago, as pioneers were heading west across the American landscape, St. Louis became a favorite stopping destination, and earned the nickname of the Gateway City as a result. While the majority of travelers in St. Louis may not be heading out west these days, there is still a good deal of traffic in this historic city. Rather than Conestoga wagons, the city is now filled with cars, and with those cars comes a great demand for parking.

ParkingSpotter is here to help St. Louis residents find monthly parking in St. Louis at the best prices and in the most convenient locations. Many residents who live in the city but do not have an available parking spot may not realize it, but nearby parking lots and parking garages often times offer monthly parking at more reasonable prices than one might expect. ParkingSpotter hopes to put those offering long-term parking in St. Louis with those seeking parking.

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Finding parking in St. Louis not only makes your commute shorter and less stressful, since you don’t have to drive around the block searching for parking, it also helps the environment. According to a recent Time article, studies from UCLA professor Dr. Douglas Shoup have shown that people searching for parking in a 15-block district created approximately 950,000 excess vehicle miles of travel over the course of a year. This is equivalent to roughly 38 trips around the earth!

While some cities have been able to circumvent the damaging effects of commuters by increasing public subway and rail transportation, St. Louis is not lucky enough to have either of these forms of public transportation; it is for this reason that parking in Portland and parking in Seattle can’t provide as great a benefit to the environment as parking in St. Louis can—both of these cities have alternate transportation systems in place. By finding reliable, monthly parking in St. Louis, you could be greatly improving the city’s air quality and more.

So if you’re ready to improve where you park, search for your address on ParkingSpotter to find great parking in St. Louis.