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Parking in the Emerald City seems to get more difficult each year. If you are parking in Seattle, be prepared to deal with two-hour parking meters, attentive parking enforcement, and, in short, a lot of fines. You will also have the chance to deal with faulty meters and complicated kiosks.

Parking in Seattle has become increasingly difficult with the increasing number of special events and new stadiums. Qwest Field and Safeco Field draw tens of thousands on game day, which not only backs up nearby streets, but also makes the search for cheap parking a cutthroat competition. If you are a local resident, you already know this. ParkingSpottter is here to help. While we can’t keep those Seahawks fans away from your favorite curbside parking spot, we can make parking in Seattle a whole lot easier by helping you find an affordable, monthly parking space.

ParkingSpotter allows parking owners to advertise their available parking spaces via online postings. Those in need of parking in Seattle can then search through the available spaces in nearby parking garages and parking lots. Reserve a parking space in a nearby parking garage looking to fill spaces when the Mariners are out of town, and still have a spot waiting for you even when the M’s are home.

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Doing Away with the Stress of Parking

Monthly parking in Seattle makes your daily commuter less stressful. Ater a day of racing through the city and butting heads with some of Seattle’s least considerate drivers, who wants to circle their neighborhood for 20 minutes looking for curbside parking? Plus, nothing is worse than having to park blocks away from home and make that long walk back with bags, groceries, and more.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to find an apartment or house that they love with parking in Seattle. Using ParkingSpotter, you can level the playing field and find a nearby parking lot with an available space. You’ll also feel good know that you didn’t have to find an apartment with parking—you found the place you wanted to live first, and space for your car second.