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Finding Parking in a Growing City

San Diego is truly one of America’s finest cities. From the city’s gorgeous beaches of Mission Bay, to the historic Spanish mission and Balboa Park, San Diego combines the best of the West Coast with a fascinating history and modern, urban growth. You can take in a baseball game at the Padre’s new stadium, Petco Park, or head over to the world-famous San Diego zoo to see some of the planet’s most exotic animals. Of course, if your apartment or house doesn’t provide a parking spot, parking in San Diego can be quite a hassle.

While parking in San Diego is by no means as difficult as parking in Los Angeles, parking is becoming a greater concern as more and more individuals are making San Diego their home. That’s where ParkingSpotter comes in. We’ve designed ParkingSpotter to be the easiest and most efficient means of finding parking in San Diego. If your living arrangement doesn’t provide you with parking, and curbside parking is unavailable or inefficient, ParkingSpotter can help you find a parking garage or parking lot nearby.

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A Solution to San Diego Parking

Parking in San Deigo doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. When the Padres and Chargers are on the road or in their off-seasons, parking lots and parking garages dependent on fans for parking are in need of customers. As a result, many parking companies allow you to rent out a long-term parking space on their property; many will even let you keep your space when the baseball or football season starts up again, because they will want your service again a few months down the line.

Another reason you may consider looking into monthly parking is because of San Diego’s vehicle thefts. While violent and property crimes are below the national average, vehicle thefts were double the national average in 2004, according to FBI crime reports. Keeping your car in a parking garage or lot equipped with security cameras and an attendant ensures that your parking in San Deigo is as secure as possible.