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The Stress of Finding a Spot

Philadelphia is known for its culture.  From the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the Liberty Bell, people remember Philly because of its famous landmarks.  But if you live or work in the city what you remember most is the traffic—especially the lack of parking.  Whether you’re heading into the Old City to do some sight seeing or need a permanent spot in Center City for work, ParkingSpotter can help relieve the hassle of fighting for a parking spot in Philadelphia.  Keep yourself from getting ‘boxed-in’ with on street parking by finding one of the great parking garages or parking lots available through ParkingSpotter. 

Conserve Time and Gas

It seems like everyone is heading into the city these days for work or just for some fun, but all the cars heading down the Main Line have contributed to some pretty serious smog along the skyline.  If you’re spending time every day circling the block and burning gas while looking for a parking spot in Philadelphia, not only are you adding to this smog, but you’re also wasting your money.  Save time and gas by heading straight into a monthly parking spot where your car will be protected from the elements and you will be conveniently located near your home or work place.


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Safe, Secure, Affordable Solutions

Next time you’re in South Philly grabbing a cheese steak or catching a show on South Street don’t risk leaving your car on the curb where it could get towed, hit…or worse.  In a secure lot you’re car will be monitored by an attendant who will make sure that nothing goes wrong while you’re enjoying the city.  Parking in Philadelphia can be a real hassle sometimes, but by planning ahead you can be sure to find what you need so that you can work or have a good time without having to worry about parking tickets or other unforeseen issues.

The perfect parking lot or parking garage for your car could be right around the corner, and you may not even know about it yet. Using ParkingSpotter, you can search for parking near your address and learn about the local rates and options, to help make parking in Philadelphia that much easier. 

With lot owners looking to fill their available spaces, ParkingSpotter’s database of available parking spaces is growing rapidly. If you don’t find any parking options on our Web site that meet your needs, leave us you’re email address and we’ll let you know as soon as parking within 1 mile of your address becomes available.