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Newark, New Jersey is the largest city in the state, advantageously situated five miles west of Manhattan, two miles north of Staten Island, and near the Atlantic Ocean. Its port, Port Newark, is a major shipping facility for the metropolitan area. The city is newly revitalized, with the recently constructed New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Air Train Newark, and the Prudential Center, and new refurbishments of the Newark Public Library and Passaic Waterfront area. Since the early 1800s, new technologies have prospered in Newark, including innovations in leather, plastic, zinc electroplating, and insurance – Thomas Edison once lived in Newark! Today the city remains a major industrial center and a great place to start a business. No wonder so many people make Newark their home, and so many people need to find parking in Newark or in the surrounding area like JFK Airport parking or Newark Airport parking.

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The colossal Newark Airport, the second busiest in the metropolitan area, coupled with Newark’s nearness to New York City, leads to huge amounts of traffic in the city every day. Major highways running through include the New Jersey Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, U.S. Route 1/9, and Routes 21 and 22. The Pulaski Skyway connects Newark to the Holland Tunnel and lower Manhattan. With almost 200 jughandles throughout these highways, New Jersey is not a driver-friendly place: to turn left on the highway, get off on the right at the specially marked jughandle exits. Be careful – miss the sign, and you might unwittingly end up in Philadelphia or New York City! Rush hour traffic in Newark can be outrageous. And forget about finding parking in Newark. Driving in Newark is as hectic as driving in New York City, and so is parking in Newark!

With so much traffic, parking in Newark or nearby Manhattan parking can be a futile situation. There are simply not enough spots for all the vehicles running throughout the city each day. After a day of dodging jughandle roadblocks and airport traffic, who has the patience to worry about a parking spot?
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