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While Minneapolis may not be as congested and as competitive to park in as parking in Los Angeles or parking in Boston, parking in Minneapolis is still very difficult. This is a combination of a lack of parking downtown, coupled with expensive meters, many of which do not permit cars to park longer than two hours. Some meters never turn off, meaning parkers need to continue filling them, no matter what the time of day (or night). If you are a resident of the City of Lakes, you already know all of this. You may not know that parking in Minneapolis can be a whole lot easier with ParkingSpotter.

Minneapolis residents without a parking space provided for them at house or apartment can sometimes drive for blocks without finding a legal parking spot for their car. Curbside parking in this Twin City is notoriously difficult to find, and as a result, many Minneapolis residents collect a fair number of parking fines, parking at meters that need to be filled every two hours or refusing to wake up early just to fill the meter. And of course, trying to find parking can extend your daily commute anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how much patience you have.

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ParkingSpotter is a brand new service that connects parking sellers with parking buyers. Everyone from owners of large parking lots and parking garages to families with an extra spot in their driveway are free to post their parking spaces on ParkingSpotter. There is no fee to advertise parking in Minneapolis, which ensures that no parking seller is discouraged from posting with us. Those in need of parking in Minneapolis can then enter their address into ParkingSpotter’s search. The website will display all relevant parking availabilities within 1 mile.

ParkingSpotter can also work for you when you don’t have time to find parking in Minneapolis. By signing-up for our email notifications, ParkingSpotter can automatically contact you when parking becomes available in your location. Find monthly parking with our notification system or improve your current monthly spot!