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In the past four decades, Indianapolis has seen an unprecedented revitalization. The city has diversified its economic base and opened its arms wide to international sporting events, from the 1987 Pan American Games to the Indianapolis 500. While this has improved living in the city, parking in Indianapolis has certainly not gotten any easier in recent years. With the Indianapolis metropolitan area of Hamilton, Hendricks, and Johnson growing faster than most other areas in the United States, parking in Indianapolis may get a great deal worse in the coming years.

If you live in Indianapolis, you know how vital sports are to the city. Indianapolis is host to the Colts (football), the Pacers (men’s basketball), the Fever (women’s basketball), the Indians (baseball), and the Ice (hockey) to name a few major sports teams. That means that when game time comes, “the crunch” is not only on the players, but those searching for parking nearby. You can alleviate your parking woes by buying or renting parking in Indianapolis through ParkingSpotter.

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ParkingSpotter is a new, online resource design to put parking buyers and parking sellers in contact with each other. We don’t require those looking to sell parking or rent out parking in Indianapolis to pay any fee to post their parking properties, which means that those seeking parking will get an uncensored, unfiltered view of the parking market. They can find the best parking available in the most convenient locations and at the most competitive prices. Our listings are varied and always growing. You can find parking spaces in local neighbors’ driveways or in large parking lots and parking garages. You can find parking properties that are well secured and protected, or more accessible, convenient setups that allow you easy access to your vehicle. Search for parking near your address to find out what is available in your area.

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