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Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, is one of the most spread out cities as well. Ask any Houston resident and they will tell you: nothing is close in Houston. The city is not “walking friendly” due to the sprawling boundaries and the city’s transportation system is limited. As a result, people drive everywhere in the Space City, which means parking in Houston is highly competitive.

For individuals without available parking at their residence, monthly parking in Houston may be an option they want to explore. ParkingSpotter can help people find long-term parking in all sorts of nearby locations, no matter where they live in the sprawling city. They can find a nearby parking lot or parking garage with available parking, and reserve a parking spot to beat the crowds who vie for parking day in and day out. Local lot and garage owners advertise their available parking on ParkingSpotter free-of-charge. All Houston residents have to do to find parking in Houston is enter their address and nearby results will be displayed from ParkingSpotter’s listings.

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Save Time and Money with Monthly Parking

Finding monthly parking in Houston is also a great way to save money on transportation. It may sound counter-intuitive, but paying for monthly parking in Houston can save people money. How? Parking per se isn’t a real drain on the gas tank – but finding parking is. When people return home from work and have to circle their neighborhood block a number of times, they are burning gas (and wasting time). All of those laps add up at the end of the week; those weeks add up over the course of the month, and of course, months add up to a year of circling the block for miles.

In addition to gas, chances are, if someone doesn’t have a permanent parking spot provided at their house or apartment, they are going to collect a number of fines over the course of the year. Violations range in prices, from $100 for parking just a bit too close to a fire hydrant, down to the standard $25 fine for not parking wholly within a space. Parking curbside can cost even the most careful driver fines over the course of a year. Even without considering parking fees and fines, finding parking in one of the local parking garages could save you thousands in the resale value of your car, simply by keeping it out of the elements in a secure location.

No matter what reason leads you to find monthly parking, ParkingSpotter is your premier destination for parking throughout Texas, including parking in Houston and parking in Austin.