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Charlotte, North Carolina, is the 5th fastest growing, large city in the United States, according to As of 2006, the city’s population was 1,583,016, and including the metro area around the city itself, Charlotte’s population approaches 2,192,000. In recent years, the city has seen a boom in the financial and commerce sectors, attracting workers and their families at unprecedented levels. Some well-known companies that have their headquarters in Charlotte include: Bank of America, Duke Energy, Family Dollar, Goodrich Cooperation, Lowe’s, Wachovia, and SPX Corporation.

This influx of new residents, combined with Charlotte’s own public transportation troubles have the potential to make parking in Charlotte a challenge. For example, The 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan, which is seeking to establish light rail and commuter rail lines throughout the city, was estimated to cost $1.1 billion in 1998 when the plan was put to a vote via referendum; since then, the cost of the project has inflated to $8.9 billion, with the operating costs of the new system totaling $4.3 billion in its first five years. As the public transportation situation becomes less certain, parking in Charlotte continues to be a more difficult experience with each passing day. Even worse, according to, a national transportation research group, the quality of the roads in Charlotte are so poor that they are costing drivers in additional $200 per year in operating costs. Reduce the wear and tear on your car by not circling those pothole-filled streets looking for parking in Charlotte.

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