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Summer and Winter Parking

In the spring and summer, Buffalo is beautiful and the sunniest city in the Northeast. Hot days are tempered by the cool breezes of Lake Erie, and the Great Lakes provide terrific recreation: boating, fishing, swimming, or just sunbathing. But in the winter - watch out. The average annual snowfall is 91 inches, and it can become difficult to find a parking spot. Good luck trying to find parking in Buffalo during all too common snow emergencies. Parking is prohibited in many areas. The zoning rules can be confusing, so don’t be surprised to see a big ticket on your snowy windshield. As if digging yourself out of a snow bank isn’t bad enough! Another driving pitfall in Buffalo – deer, which always seem to have a penchant for the road. Unfortunately, deer-accidents are common in this neck of the woods.

Once the snow melts, driving is even worse as potholes eat up the asphalt, and parking in Buffalo is absorbed by those with binoculars. A popular tourist destination, millions visit in the spring and summer to see the beautiful, famous Niagara Falls, which is located slightly north of the city. It’s nice that your hometown is worth seeing – but then your daily commute suffers. Traffic multiplies, and parking in Buffalo is horrific.

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Parking for Travelers and Residents

Buffalo is the second largest city in New York, behind New York City, and acts as the hub of western New York – no wonder parking in Buffalo is so hard! The city is a major thoroughfare due to its Canada-connection (the Niagara River flows into Lake Ontario) and attracts many travelers going to and from New York and Canada, many of whom need airport car parking. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport was recently reconstructed, and ranks among the five cheapest airports to fly to and from. A second airport in Buffalo, the Niagara Falls International Airport, also services New York and Toronto, and is undergoing major additions, to be completed in 2009. With so many people moving through, the difficulty of driving and parking in Buffalo increases exponentially! Looking for something else? Try New York City parking or parking in Boston.