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With a mediocre public transportation system, Baltimore is a city with a lot of people commuting by car. This means that when 5 o’clock rolls around, commuters start the mad rush home to find parking. For the many Baltimore residents without a reserved parking space at their place of residence, coming home late means that they are parking in Baltimore blocks away from their house or apartment. Or if you don’t have the energy to find overnight, curbside parking and to make the trek back home from your parking spot, you will be paying a generous fine the next day for parking in Baltimore illegally.

Thankfully, ParkingSpotter may be able to help you. ParkingSpotter is a new website that is capable of putting parking sellers and parking buyers in contact with each other. In many cases, parking lots or parking garage owners advertise available parking in Baltimore on our website. For example, a parking lot near Camden Yards doesn’t want to leave available spaces unfilled when the Orioles are away or when the baseball season ends, so monthly parking in Baltimore can become available on these properties.

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How does ParkingSpotter work? It’s easy – people who have available parking in Baltimore can post about their parking on ParkingSpotter. There is no cost involved and the process is easy. When they have described the parking spot, the rate, and other information, all they have to do is submit this information and their listing appears within a number of hours. Individuals who are in need of parking in Baltimore will then see those listings which are most relevant to them (typically parking within 1 mile of their address).

Nobody wants to walk blocks away from their house in the morning to get to their car. Put an end to your parking woes and forget about the stress associated with parking in the city. Renting a monthly parking space will make your life less stressful than it has to be by making the beginning and end of your travels better. Bringing in groceries from the car could only be a few steps away with the right parking space, and you may never have to worry about the security of your car again when it is parked in a attended lot.