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Parking in the Lonestar state can be a difficult task. With over 23 million people, Texas is the second most populous state in the U.S. Living in any of Texas’s major cities, you quickly realize that parking in Houston or parking in Austin is costly. It costs you time and it costs you money. This is especially true if your house or apartment does not provide you with a parking spot.

The truth is, there is more parking in Austin than meets the eye. And there are better ways to make use of that parking. Using ParkingSpotter, you can locate nearby parking lots and parking garages that offer monthly parking. Simply type your address into ParkingSpotter’s search. All parking locations in our system, which are within 1 mile of your residence, will be displayed with pertinent information. Parking in Austin just got a whole lot easier.

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ParkingSpotter is unique in that it connects sellers of long-term parking with prospective buyers and renters. It is free to post parking in Austin on ParkingSpotter and free to browse all of our listings. This means that you can get the best price and location, since new locations and listings are being added everyday. You can even sign up for email notifications of when new parking lot or garage becomes available in your area. ParkingSpotter can keep you on the pulse of parking in Austin.

Austin has a lot to offer. The city’s high-tech industries have made living and working in the city a great opportunity. This has been coupled with the fact that Austin is an exciting city to live in. The Austin City Limits Music Festival and South by Southwest are just a few examples of why Austin is considered the “live music capital of the world,” and the film industry is also booming in Austin. All of this makes living in Austin a great experience, but parking in Austin a difficult one.

ParkingSpotter aims to meet local residents’ needs by putting them in contact with others who can meet their parking demands. Type in your address to search for local solutions to your parking problem, and make life in Austin even better.