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Bordered by the Chugach Mountains and the Cook Inlet, Anchorage is a beautiful place to live and residents enjoy fantastic skiing, hiking, and fishing. Needless to say, it’s a cold place to live! Average winter temperatures fall in the 20s, and the average annual snowfall is 70 inches. All this snow and ice makes driving in Anchorage a challenge. In winter, roads can be treacherous, and it is an absolute necessity to winterize your car. Many find it better to take advantage of parking garages as opposed to parking lots. Of course, parking in Anchorage is more difficult in the winter: compete with giant sidewalk snow banks for metered parking. Driving and parking in Anchorage remain difficult even when everything melts: beware of “frost heaves” - ripples and breaks in pavement due to freezing and thawing. And Alaska’s major highway – Alaska Route 1, which runs through Anchorage – contains stretches of narrow, winding road that has no center line.

The city of Anchorage was born in 1914 as a railroad construction port for the Alaska Railroad. Now the largest city in Alaska, it continues to serve as Alaska’s major transportation center, with the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Airport traffic is an unfortunate reality to contend with daily and must be factored into commute time. With so much traffic, metered parking in Anchorage near the airport is hard to find.

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Downtown Anchorage offers many museums evoking the interesting history of the State, and the Anchorage Museum of History and Art is a favored tourist destination. Besides museums, however, the city offers much in the way of entertainment, and the land’s natural beauty is enough to draw international attention. Roads, therefore, can become congested, and parking in Anchorage elusive when tourists take over and one has to battle tourists for parking spots.

As a driver in Anchorage, you already have plenty to contend with: snow and ice, frost heaves, airport traffic, and tourists. Parking in Anchorage is simpler with ParkingSpotter. If you travel up and down the coast, take a look at parking in Seattle or parking in Portland.