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Parking garages come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and in all sorts of locations. Colossal new structures are even being constructed with the environment in mind. In May of 2007, an 882 space, solar-powered parking garage in Santa Monica was constructed with $1.2 million worth of photovoltaic panels and a host of other environmentally friendly features. In Richmond, Virginia, a $16.2 million, seven-story garage was built recently using 280,000 pounds of recycled materials. Parking garages are changing with the times, becoming more technologically advanced and environment-friendly. The David Brower Center in Berkeley, California is a new construction striving to attain the highest possible LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating; the complex will feature natural ventilation and lighting, thermal mass-driven cooling and heating, as well as photovoltaic panels.

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Using ParkingSpotter, you can locate parking garages and parking lots with available parking near your home. You may have never considered renting a parking spot in one of the nearby parking garages before, but doing so could save you money in the long run. Those with a house or apartment in the city without an available parking space know how quickly parking tickets can accumulate. Quite simply, city parking was not designed for residents. Just ask those who have been parking in Detroit and parking in Philadelphia for years. Most curbside parking has time limits, restricted hours, and other constraints designed to get parkers in and out, so that the next visitor can find a spot. You can park your car legally at night, and in the morning, it could be parked illegally with signs reading “2 hour parking between hour A and hour B.”

Parking garages also save you money by protecting your car. With a roof over your car, it’s protected from the elements. Your car will retain its value better when it doesn’t have the rain or snow wearing away its coat and the sun beating down on and damaging its dashboard. And if you are concerned about your car being broken into or vandalized, parking garages are the most secure solution. Many have attendants on duty as well as gates with limited access. If you are considering monthly parking, this is one advantage that a parking garage has over a parking lot.