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Next time you stop in to Wal-Mart to pickup a bag of charcoal for some smokin’ good ribs, you might want to consider staying the night there!  That’s right.  If you’re one of the rambling types who enjoys the open road in your RV, you probably already know about the super store’s fabled overnight parking.  For years, people have been taking advantage of Wal-Mart’s wide-open parking lots to park their vehicle and spend the night.  Maybe you should consider parking at Wal-Mart on your next road trip.



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In reality, setting up for the night on a paved, lit parking lot isn’t really “camping,” but sometimes travelers don’t have many other options.  Parking at Wal-Mart is the best way to spend a night off the road when no other campsites are available.  Once the stores’ daytime customers have departed, diapers and televisions in hand, parking at Wal-Mart becomes an attractive option for anyone looking for a parking spot for a 33-foot RV.  Best of all, parking at Wal-Mart is usually free (though it wouldn’t hurt to pickup an item or two in the store the next day).  Now that’s a great price.

Unfortunately, when it comes to parking at Wal-Mart, the store can’t promise it “always.”  In fact, an increasing number of stores have begun prohibiting overnight parking, much to the dismay of RV advocates everywhere.  It is for this reason that you should always ask the store manager for permission before parking at Wal-Mart.  Sometimes, even if storeowners condone RV parking at Wal-Mart, local laws do not, so you should always consult with the store manager or customer service.  What could be worse than being awakened in the middle of the night by the local authorities and having your RV hauled away as you watch from the side of the road in your long johns? 


So the next time you’re between campsites, consider making use of one of Wal-Mart’s vacant parking lots for the night.