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As cities crowd and as automobiles become more and more affordable, parking will more and more difficult to find. That's why, if you live in a congested area and depend on parking near your work or home everyday, you need to secure a long term spot that you can be sure to have every day. Don't wait for industry to invent new ways to fit more cars in smaller spaces; secure a spot in your local lot or garage and stop stressing about about having a place to put your car.

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At ParkingSpotter we encourage competition and low prices. That's why we get you in touch with many owners who have lots of spots. We streamline the process of posting and finding spots and supply an easy-to-use interface to make the process fast and easy. In combination, these methods make finding cheap spots in the best places a stress-free enterprise.

Additionally, we all want our parking spot to be safe. Well, the owners that post on ParkingSpotter usually provide detailed information about their lots, garages, or spaces so that you know if it's lighted, covered, in a populated area, and all the other details you could ask for. And if it's not provided on this web-site, then feel free to e-mail the owner of a particular spot and ask. It's that easy; just the way it should be.